3 suggestions: Best sports bra for large breasts

3 suggestions: Best sports bra for large breasts

That's why the right sports bra is important

When you have to be active, you need clothes that provide the best conditions to be able to perform at your best. If you have a large bust, the sports bra is especially important to be in control of. A good sports bra for large breasts should support and hold the breasts in place, while being comfortable to wear.

In addition to naturally feeling more comfortable with an optimal sports bra, it also has a longer-lasting effect. If you don't use a good sports bra, your breasts will be more mobile when you exercise. In addition to the fact that it can hurt and interfere with the training itself, it also means that the skin around the breasts becomes looser and that the breasts will eventually change shape.

At the same time, you run the risk of it affecting your back and general posture if you have large breasts and do not choose a sports bra with the right support.

5 tips: How to choose the best sports bra if you have large breasts

If you are not used to buying sports bras, we will help you here with 5 things that are good to have in mind when you need to find the best training bra for large breasts.

1. Material: Look for materials that transport sweat and allow the skin to breathe. When you're active, the body gets warm, and if the body can't get rid of the heat, it's rarely a good experience.

2. Support: Find a sports bra with the most optimal support. You can start based on the fact that the bigger your bust, the more support your training bra should have.

3. Straps: Choose a training bra with wide straps. It provides better comfort. If the straps can also be adjusted, there is a good opportunity to adapt the bra to your body.

4. Type of exercise: The level of activity helps determine how much support your sports bra should provide. The best sports bra for running has high support, while a walk doesn't require as much.

5. Fit: Make sure your sports bra fits snugly. If it is too loose, it will not provide enough support. Therefore, also use all adjustment options so that it fits your body as well as possible.

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The 3 best sports bras for large breasts

1. Active Core: Super High Support Sports Bra

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we have developed a sports bra that provides maximum support for the large bust. This is the one we recommend you use as a running bra for large breasts, for fitness or any other form of high-intensity training.

  • The Active Core Super High Support Sports Bra has a high front cut so it covers a large part of the chest. In this way, the breasts are held in place, so that good support is ensured.
  • The straps are both padded and wide, so they don't bother the shoulders. They are adjustable both at the front and back, and there are hooks in the front so you can choose to cross them at the back for extra support.

2. Active Core: High Support Wire Sports Bra

With the Active Core High Support Wire Sports Bra, our designers have really gone to great lengths to create the best sports bra for large busts. The focus is on fit and on providing high support. Therefore, it is the best bet for a sports bra for fitness and other moderate forms of exercise, if you have large breasts.

  • The bra is underwired and is available in various band and cup sizes. This means that there are better chances of finding a size that fits your bust exactly.
  • With the wide, adjustable and padded straps you get maximum comfort, and you can also decide for yourself whether you want to use the straps as they are, or whether you want to make a so-called racerback, where the straps are gathered on the back and in this way provides more support.

3. Sports bra with wide band under the bust

For those of you engaging in lighter activities, we have designed this sports bra with a wide band under the bust. Here we have gone out of our way to make a simple sports bra with support, which is perfect for walking, strength training and the like.

  • The wide straps and the wide elastic edge at the bottom help to ensure that it fits well, and you can easily wear a sports top over it.
  • This sports bra for larger busts also offers great stability and comfort, as the wide band under the bust ensures that the bra doesn't dig into the skin but maintains its shape and position.

The easy overview: The differences between sports bras

Name Activity Straps Other benefits
Active Core: Super High Support Sports Bra Intense exercise Wide
Option of racerback
Adjustable front and back
High front cut
Active Core: High Support Wire Sports Bra Moderate exercise Wide
Option of racerback
Individual band and cup size
Sports bra with wide band under the bust Light exercise Wide Wide elastic edge
Good stability