Everyday Women

- with you, for you

Real, ordinary women - and representatives of Zizzi. Everyday Women is our path to a world of fashion that's a little closer to real women.

Everyday Women is our contribution to a world that's a little more authentic, a little closer to reality, a little more real. Where we join you on the other side of the screen and the store counter and take a small step forward.

With Everyday Women, we seek to reflect everyday women and create a fashion world that reflects reality. That's why Everyday Women is all of us - regardless of height, skin colour, music taste, shoe size, job. Regardless of personal style, cultural background and your personal values.

Being a part of Everyday Women has made me feel more confident, bold, and beautiful. I have been traveling, shooting with Zizzi, and I met a lot of different women. I have discovered a brand and a work full of passion, empathy, courage, and a little touch of craziness.
Andrea Bunod, FR

That's why we replace models with Everyday Women in some campaigns, as well as having an ongoing dialogue about everything from sizes and fits on the website. And we've started important, enlightening conversations by inviting you in. On one hand to share our own world, but most of all to make you an active part of creating it. To develop even better products for your preferences and bodies, for women in all our amazing diversity. And to show real women in our campaigns, to create dialogue and to stand together as women.

Now and in the future. Everyday Women is a collaboration with all of you. And it's our first step towards creating a space that listens and celebrates the community and our differences.