Summer dresses 2024

Summer dresses 2024

Summer is upon us and it's time to find the perfect summer dress. Whether you are going to a party, to the beach or just want to get something new for your everyday wardrobe, we have the dress you are missing. The perfect summer dress is available in different styles and should be an obvious choice in every woman's wardrobe.

Here, we give you the information needed when choosing your preferred summer dress. There are probably many things you’ll consider in your choice of dress - some more conscious than others. With the different dresses you have the opportunity to highlight all your exceptional qualities, and with the right fit you’ll feel even more comfortable. Another factor that’s also of great importance for comfort is the material used. We have gathered it all for you in this article.

5 popular summer dresses in 2024

There’s a sea of different models, fits and designs on dresses, and it can be difficult to find the specific dress that suits one's figure type and style perfectly. To help you find the right dress, we have compiled a small list of some of the most popular summer dresses of 2024.

1. The sleeveless dress

The sleeveless dress is perfect as a summer dress. On hot summer days it's nice to bare your arms and shoulders, and on less warm days you can wear a t-shirt or a thin blouse under the dress. The sleeveless dress comes in all sorts of colors, lengths and expressions so you can wear it however you like.

2. The wrap dress

A charming, wraped dress that emphasizes your beautiful waist in the finest way. A versatile dress that is fantastic to have available in your wardrobe and that you can use for events such as a wedding, on a holiday or in the office. If you want to make the dress more feminine, you can highlight the waist further by, for example, adding a belt.

3. The T-shirt dress

The hallmark of the T-shirt dress is the relaxed fit. It can be used for any occasion and can be styled accordingly. You can choose to style it with sneakers, leggings, a denim jacket to get a casual everyday look, or just use it as it is – without anything on top.

4. The maxi dress

The maxi dress is a crucial item in the wardrobe. Not only can you wear it to festive occasions, but it’s perfect to wear on a regular Wednesday to the office with a pair of flat shoes. You can also style it to look more dressy, or tone it down to a more casual look in no time - depending on the purpose. It’s basically just a matter of matching the dress with the right shoes and accessories.

5. The lace dress

In many ways, the lace dress is ideal for summer. The lace gives the dress both an elegant and practical look. During the warmer summer days, the lace makes the dress a bit lighter and more airy, while at the same time they give the outfit a feminine touch. If you add a pair of sneakers and a denim jacket, you have a perfect everyday outfit. If you’re going to a party, you can easily and quickly style the dress with a pair of stilettos and some jewellery. Therefore, the lace dress offers several options – how you wear it, is up to you!

6. The shit dress

The shirt dress is very popular as you can wear it for any occasion during the summer. The combination of the perfect length and the classic shirt collar makes the dress versatile. For the office, you can wear it with a belt to highlight your figure and style it with a denim jacket or blazer. If you are going on holiday, you can wear it loosely and instead add a pair of sandals and sunglasses. The possibilities are infinite.

Spice up your summer dress with accessories

Once you’ve found the perfect summer dress, it’s time to look into accessories. Whether you are going out, to the beach or elsewhere, it is important to be in control of the details and at the same time be protected from the sun's rays - and of course continue to make sure you take your expression and style into acc.ount. To complete your outfit, you can easily use several of the summer accessories we offer such as sunglasses, sandals, jewellery and bags. Either use a few accessories for an easy expression or add more details for a more thorough look. It's up to your mood and your style.


When we talk about the perfect summer outfit, it's hard not to mention sunglasses. In addition to the obvious reason of protecting your eyes from the sun's rays, with sunglasses you also have the opportunity to express your own personal style. They are available in different styles, shapes and colors, so you have the opportunity to choose exactly the pair that gives you the look you are looking for.


With jewellery, you’re able to add your personal touch to your outfits, and at the same time they can spice up your coloured summer dresses. Jewellery adds the finishing touch. For many years there’s been a focus on not combining metals, but now we see more tendency to the opposite - that you can easily wear both gold and silver jewellery together. You’re not limited in the same way anymore and therefore you have more opportunities to create your own expression.


Most women will probably nod in recognition that bags are an indispensable accessory. When you go out, it’s convenient to be able to have a mobile phone, keys and wallet with you at all times. But the bag is not just a practical accessory. Of course, it should be nice to look at and at the same time express your personality.


For the vast majority of summer dresses, you’d be able to add a pair of classic sandals and achieve a nice and relaxed everyday look. If you’re going to a wedding or another festive event, you might choose a pair of party sandals with a low heel instead. The sandals give great versatility to your outfits, and they’re comfortable and durable to wear all day long.

The summer's most ideal materials

Once you’ve chosen the different summer dresses that should be included in your wardrobe, it’s important to care about the materials. Lightweight materials such as cotton, linen and viscose are perfect for summer as they have great breathability and can absorb moisture well. It also means that the materials are good for regulating the body’s temperature, and you’ll feel comfortable even on hot summer days.


Cotton is by far the most well-known natural material when it comes to clothing. With cotton, you get a soft and breathable material that makes it comfortable to wear. Due to the great breathability and high moisture absorption capacity, it makes the material ideal for usage - especially in summer.


Linen is a natural material that can be used all year round due to its temperature-regulating properties. It cools you down in the summer and keeps you warm in the winter. At the same time, linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight without feeling wet, which is why it’s always dry and feels nice to wear. If you have allergies or just sensitive skin, linen will therefore be an obvious choice.

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Viscose is in many ways reminiscent of cotton, because of the raw materials also being all natural. It feels comfortable against the skin due to its softness, and the gentle fabric also provides a pleasant feeling on the body. In addition, viscose is especially suitable for your summer outfits because it absorbs both moisture and heat away from the body.

Maintenance and care of your summer dresses

It's no secret that the better you take care of your clothes, the longer they last. If you’ve only used your dress once, it’s often not necessary to wash it, but let it be aired instead. If the dress is to be washed, you should carefully follow the washing instructions that are written on the label attached to your clothes. You can always go to our washing guide and read more about it. To prevent it from curling as much as possible afterwards, we recommend hanging it on a hanger and letting it dry.

Storing your summer dresses

How you store your summer dresses is not insignificant. There's a reason we store our clothes in a closet. It primarily protects the clothes from direct sunlight, and in addition, the clothes enjoy a cooler climate inside the closet. Both the dark and cooler surroundings are the most optimal for achieving a longer life. Additionally, we’d recommend that you store your dresses on hangers, but at the same time make sure that the clothes do not hang too close, as otherwise they will rub against each other and wear out faster.

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