Terms and Conditions for Zizzi Denmark ApS Webshop

1. General

Welcome to the official webshop of Zizzi Denmark ApS, accessible at www.zizzifashion.ie (The Shop).

By placing an order in our Shop, you acknowledge and accept these terms regarding the order and delivery process.

Definition of business days: If terms are stated in business days, this means all days from Monday to Friday, with the exception of Danish public holidays. This definition applies to all references to timeframes, processing periods, and delivery schedules mentioned in our Terms and Conditions or anywhere in our Shop.

1.1 User Eligibility

To make a purchase in the Shop, you must be at least 18 years of age or older. Please note that purchases made from the webshop are for personal use or gifts only.
We only enter into purchase agreements in Ireland with regard to orders placed online at www.zizzifashion.ie

1.2 Webshop Ownership
The Shop is owned and operated by Zizzi Denmark ApS (Zizzi, we, us), with the following details:

CVR Number: 14 01 75 77
Address: Kløvermarken 29, 7190 Billund
Phone: 0045 69 16 59 09
VAT Id: DK14017577
Email: help@zizzifashion.ie

1.3 Customer Service

For any inquiries related to your purchases or if you require assistance, please reach out to our customer service at help@zizzifashion.ie

2. Product Information and Pricing

2.1 Detailed Product Information

Our webshop offers comprehensive product details to help you make your purchase decision. These include:

- Material composition
- Available sizes
- Size guide
- Colour options
- Product features
- Measurements
- Care instructions
- Pricing

We aim to provide all the information you need to make an informed choice about our products.

2.2 Pricing and VAT

All prices in the Shop are stated in EUR, inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT), but do not include shipping costs. Shipping fees are calculated based on the total purchase value and are clearly Itemised during the checkout process.

2.3 Shopping Basket Summary

Your shopping basket will provide a detailed summary of your selected items, showing the total cost, including both VAT and shipping expenses in EUR. Please note that prices may vary between our physical stores, and our webhop.

3. Discount Code Policy

3.1 Conditions for Discount Codes

- Application of Discount Codes: Discount codes are redeemable exclusively at the moment of purchase.
- Exceptions: Certain items may be excluded from discount schemes. This will be detailed in the terms and conditions of the relevant voucher code.
- Minimum Spend Requirement: Be aware that a minimum purchase amount might be required to redeem discount codes.
- One Code per Order: Generally, only one discount code can be applied to an order at any given time.
- Exception for Shipping Codes: An exception is made if one of the discount codes specifically applies to shipping costs. In such cases, two codes can be combined — one for a discount on the items and another for free or reduced shipping.
- Partial Voucher Coverage: In cases where the value of a voucher does not cover the total cost of the item(s), the remaining balance can be paid using one of our accepted payment methods.

3.2 Order Value and Code Worth

- Non-Cashable Value: The value of discount codes cannot be exchanged for cash, nor do they accrue interest. If items are returned, discount codes are non-refundable.

3.3 Redemption Process

- Pre-Completion Redemption: Discount codes must be redeemed before completing the ordering process. Retrospective application of discount codes is not possible.
- Non-Transferable: Codes must not be transferred to third parties. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

4. Product Offer and Order Fulfillment

4.1 Updates to the Webshop

The Webshop undergoes periodic updates to introduce new products and promotional offers, aiming to maintain up-to-date information on product availability and pricing.

4.2 Ordering Process
4.2.1 Product Listings as Offers

Product listings within our Shop are presented as an invitation to treat, displaying items that are available for purchase in a non-binding manner.

4.2.2 Finalizing the Order

By clicking the Buy Now button at the end of the ordering process, you are placing a binding order for the products in your shopping cart. Items are not reserved until the purchase is complete.
- Applicable Prices: The prices stated in the offer at the time of placing your order are the prices that will apply to your purchase.

4.2.3 Order Confirmation

Following the registration of your order, you will receive an immediate order confirmation via email. This email serves as an acknowledgment of your order and its details.

4.2.4 Payment and Agreement Confirmation

An order becomes legally binding only after the order is submitted, all required information is provided, and payment is finalized.
We are not obligated to supply any product(s) until the payment has been processed, and a purchase agreement has been confirmed through the issuance of an invoice, an order number, and the successful withdrawal of payment from your account. Receipt of Order Confirmation

- Confirmation Considered Received: The order confirmation is considered to have been received by you as soon as we have sent it to the email address registered at checkout.
- Email Delivery to Server: The receipt is acknowledged when the email reaches the server of your email provider. Customer Awareness

- Email Account Responsibility: It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the email address associated with their order is current and accessible, to facilitate the timely receipt of order confirmations and other communication.

4.3 Right to Cancel Orders
- Occasionally, product availability or pricing may not be as displayed. If a price is significantly incorrect, or if promotional discounts are erroneously high, we reserve the right to cancel the order.
- We reserve the right to delete customer accounts registered with the Postbox address.

4.5 Excessive Returns

We reserve the right to limit purchases from our webshop for individuals with a high number of returns.

4.6 Automated Orders

- Prohibition of Automated Systems: We reserve the right not to accept or to cancel any order that is placed using software, web robots, web crawlers, web spiders, or any automated system or scripted behavior.
- Third-Party Services: This also extends to the use of third-party services acting on your behalf to place an order.

4.7 Customer Account Policy

We reserve the right to delete any duplicate registrations.
Should we detect any activities that raise concerns of potential fraud, we will take appropriate measures, which may include deactivating the account in question.

5. Secure Payment Methods

5.1 Payment Options

At Zizzi, we provide a range of payment methods to ensure security and convenience for your transactions:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Klarna
5.2 Selection of Payment Methods

Right to Reject Payment Methods: We reserve the right to reject certain payment methods for any given order and may suggest alternative payment options.

5.3 Agreement on Electronic Documentation

By placing an order, you agree to receive all invoices and credit notes exclusively in electronic form.

5.4 Transaction Fees

Card payments are processed without any additional fees.

Please note that some banks do charge an extra overseas transaction fee. This fee is charged by the bank and will not be reimbursed by Zizzi. For more information, please contact your bank.

Transactions using Klarna invoice payments may incur a fee, which will be disclosed at checkout.

5.5 Secure Payment Processing

All credit/debit card transactions are securely processed through an encrypted and authenticated connection, Adyen. During payment, you'll be prompted to provide your card number, security code, and expiration date.

5.6 Privacy and Security

We prioritize your privacy and security:

- Zizzi Denmark ApS does not store any credit card details.
- Payment details are exclusively handled by our payment providers, preventing external access to your credit card information.

5.7 Payment Withdrawal and Purchase Agreement

The total payment will be deducted from your account when your order is dispatched from our warehouse. This marks the establishment of a binding purchase agreement between you and Zizzi, signified by the issuance of an invoice and an order number.

5.9 Reservation and Authorization

If you pay by card, we reserve the right to make a reservation of the amount at the time of the order to secure the payment. Should you discover that a payment reservation has not been released, please contact your card issuer for resolution, as only they have the authority to lift such reservations.

5.10 Ownership and Creditworthiness

Zizzi retains the right to:

- Refuse a purchase or delivery based on creditworthiness assessments.
- Maintain ownership of sold goods until full payment, including any interest or fees, has been received.

5.11 Gift card

Webshop Restriction: At present, we do not accept gift cards as a form of payment in our webshop.

5.12 Klarna Payment Terms

With Klarna, the standard payment term is within 14 days following the shipment of goods. Klarna will require your personal identification number to perform credit checks and to issue the invoice to your registered address. Delayed payments will be subject to reminder fees and interest, per Klarna's terms.

6. Preorder

Preorder is an exclusive benefit for Club Zizzi members. When you purchase Preorder items, the following special conditions apply:

6.1 Dispatch of Preorders

The item will be dispatched as soon as it is in stock. If you order several pre-order items, the items will be dispatched together as soon as the last item is in stock.

6.1.1 Combined Delivery

If during checkout you chose to have preordered items and regular items shipped in one delivery, your order will be dispatched once all items are available. Each preorder item's expected delivery time is provided in the product description, though these are estimates, and we reserve the right to adjust them as needed.

6.1.2 Split Delivery

If during checkout you chose split delivery, regular items in stock will be shipped according to 7. Order Confirmation and Dispatch, whereas preorder items will be shipped in a separate delivery once the last preordered item is in stock. Regular shipping fees apply according to 8.4 Shipping Fees.

6.2 Estimated Delivery Time

The estimated delivery time can be found in the product description on our website. We reserve the right to change the estimated delivery time and will of course inform you of any delays.

6.3 Payment

Payment will only be made when the item leaves our warehouse. Until then, the money will only be reserved.

7. Confirmation of Order and Dispatch

7.1. Acknowledgment of Order
The confirmation email will provide:

- A summary of your order
- Details of the items ordered, including type, size, and colour
- The total price, inclusive of VAT, delivery costs, and any potential fees
- A unique order number for reference

We advise customers to keep this email for future reference, especially if interaction with our customer service is needed.
Please note that the automated email is not an official acceptance of your order by Zizzi.

7.2 Order Invoice and dispatch confirmation

This email is an acknowledgment that we have received and dispatched your order.
Please note, that a legally binding purchase agreement between you and Zizzi is established only after you have received this email.

For any preordered items included in your order, payment will be reserved and only withdrawn upon shipment.

7.3 Processing and Delivery Timeline

Upon receiving your order, we promptly forward it to our warehouse to check item availability and expedite delivery.

7.4 Dispatch Schedule

- Weekday Orders: Orders placed on weekdays are generally dispatched within 1-2 business days.
- Weekend/Public Holiday Orders: Orders made during the weekend or on public holidays are typically dispatched within the next 1-2 business days.

7.5 Delivery Delays
7.5.1 Liability for Delivery Delays

While we aim to deliver orders promptly, Zizzi is not liable for any delays beyond our control or delays that exceed the expected delivery time.

7.5.2 Reporting Delayed Deliveries

If you experience a delayed delivery, please contact our customer service within 30 days of the anticipated delivery date. Failure to report the delay in this window may impact our ability to lodge a claim with the delivery service, and we may not be able to assume responsibility for the delay.

7.6 Stock Errors and Order Fulfillment

- Stock Availability: If items are available, we commit to dispatching them as swiftly as possible.
- Stock Unavailability: Should an item be out of stock, you will be informed promptly via email, and no payment will be processed.

8. Delivery of Orders

8.1 Delivery Network

Our delivery service covers Ireland.

We aim to provide service to a wide range of locations, though some remote areas may be outside our delivery scope.

8.2 Tracking Your Order

You can track the progress of your order using the provided Track & Trace number included in the order invoice.

8.3 Delivery Completion

Delivery is complete when the goods are in your possession, either received at your specified address or collected from a delivery point by you or an authorised third party. The risk of damage and/or loss of products rests with us until the moment of delivery to you or an authorised third party, unless expressly agreed otherwise.

8.4 Shipping Fees

Additional fees for specific delivery options will be outlined in the checkout and confirmation email.
Prices include VAT and the fee covers various order-related costs, including shipping, handling, and other services.

8.4.1 Shipping fee for members Home shipping fee

- Orders under €49: A delivery fee of €5.95 is added.
- Orders over €49: Provided free of charge

8.4.2 Shipping fee for non-members Home shipping fee

- Orders under 49: A delivery fee of €8.95 is added.
- Orders over 49: A delivery fee of €3.95 is added.

8.4.3 Delivery Fee for Zero-Value Orders

A delivery fee may be applied to your order in instances where the total value of products in the order amounts to 0.

8.5 Delivery Timeframe

Your order is expected to arrive within [xx – yy] business days from the date of the order. The exact delivery timeframe will be specified in your dispatch confirmation email.

8.6 Liability for Transit Delays

Once the order is with the courier, Zizzi cannot be held responsible for any transit delays.

8.7 Pickup Point Redirection

During busy periods, your package may be redirected to an alternative pickup location if the nearest point is full. The same applies to redirections to parcel shops or collection points if the recipient is not present at the time of home delivery. Zizzi is not liable for such redirections.

8.8 FlexDelivery Service (be aware that this is not called 'Flex Delivery' with all couriers!)

For FlexDelivery service registrants, responsibility for the package post-delivery lies with you, in accordance with your agreement with the courier. Zizzi is not liable for loss after confirmed delivery.

8.9 Pickup Deadlines

Pickup deadlines vary based on the shipping company and are typically between 7 to 14 calendar days. If opting for Click & Collect, please collect your package within 14 days to avoid return processing.

8.10 Damage During Delivery

Please note that if the courier succesfully handed over a parcel you accept it in the conditions it is received in. Please reject parcels that are damaged or show signs of misconduct. Alternatively, if a parcel was succesfully delivered in a damaged state:

1. Take several photos of the damaged parcel and any damaged items. It is important that the courier's tape is visible on the photos, if there is any.
2. Contact the courier and submit a damage report.
3. Contact Zizzi's Customer Service with an overview of the damaged or missing items, the photos and the filled out damage report.

9. Order Discrepancies

If you find a discrepancy in your order, such as not receiving items as detailed on your invoice or delivery note, please:

1. Contact our customer service immediately via email or the online form.
2. Be prepared to provide your order number to assist in the prompt investigation of your order.
3. Investigation and Resolution

10. Exchange Policy

Please note that direct returns to Zizzi for the purpose of exchanging items for different sizes or products are not available. If you wish to exchange an item, you should:

- Place a new order for the desired product or size.
- Contact Customer Service to facilitate a price adjustment if the new item is more expensive than the initial offer. Please provide both the original and new order number when contacting Customer Service.

11. Exercising Your Withdrawal Rights

11.1 Notification of Withdrawal

As a customer, you have the right to withdraw from your purchase. To exercise your withdrawal rights you need to inform us about the wish to withdraw from your purchase. To do so, you may:

1. Use the standard withdrawal form provided in the appendix below;
2. Send an unambiguous written statement of your decision to withdraw to our Customer Service team.

11.2 Withdrawal Period

- Club Zizzi Members: You may withdraw from your purchase within 100 days from the date you received your order.
- Non-Members: A 30-day withdrawal period is granted.
- Extended Time Limit: If the period ends on a holiday or weekend, it is extended to the next business day.
- Return Labels: Use our return portal to create a return and receive the necessary return documents. Note that Zizzi will not cover any return shipping costs nor will we be able to start an investigation in case of loss if our designated return label is not used.

11.3 Return Responsibilities

- Item Condition: You are responsible for maintaining the item's condition during transit. Always keep the shipment tracking number.
- Lost or Damaged Items: You bear the responsibility if the item is lost or damaged during return shipping.
- Return Receipt: Obtain a receipt from the courier as proof of shipment.

11.4 Requirement for Sellable Condition

- Condition of Return: Items must be returned in a condition that is sellable. This means the item can be tried on but not worn. The item(s) should be free from damage and excessive use beyond basic testing and including attached tags. If a returned product shows signs of use beyond what would be expected from basic testing and this leads to a loss in its value, you, as the customer, may be held responsible for this depreciation. In such cases of depreciation, you may only receive a partial refund, or in certain circumstances, no refund at all, depending on the extent of the use and resulting loss in value.
- Original Packaging: To minimize the risk of depreciation, we recommend returning items in their original packaging. If the product's original packaging is not suitable for return in relation to e.g. legal requirements, it is the customer's responsibility that the package is returned in proper packaging.

11.4.1 Specific Conditions for Certain Products

- Bikinis and Underwear: These items must retain the plastic seal for health and hygiene reasons.
- Pantyhose: Tights must not have been removed from their original packaging.
- Multi-Pack Return Policy: Partial returns of multi-pack products are not accepted. The entire pack must be returned intact to qualify for a refund.

11.5 Consequences of Cancelling Your Order

If you cancel your purchase, we'll refund all payments from you, including delivery costs (except any extra costs from choosing a delivery method other than our standard, cheapest option). We'll refund you within 14 days of being informed about your cancellation, using the same payment method you did, with no fees charged to you for the refund. We may hold the refund until we've received the returned goods or proof you've sent them back, whichever is first.

Club Zizzi members need to return the goods within 100 days of cancellation; for non-members, it's 30 days. For Club Zizzi members, sending the goods back before the 100 days are up counts as on time. Non-members have a 30-day return window.

11.6 Return shipping fee

Return cost will be outlined in the credit note mail.
Prices include VAT and the fee covers various order-related costs, including shipping, handling, and other services.

11.6.1 Return fee for members

- Shipping: A fee of €3.95 is subtracted from your refund / Free of charge.

11.6.2 Return fee for non-members

- Shipping: A fee of €8.95 is subtracted from your refund.

12. Customer Rights for Defective Items

12.1 Complaint Period

As a valued customer of Zizzi, you are entitled to a 24-month period to file a complaint if the item you purchased is found to be defective. It is crucial to report the defect promptly and ensure that it has not resulted from misuse or damaging behavior.

12.2 Returning Defective Items
12.2.1 Via Mail

Return the defective item(s) to Zizzi Denmark ApS according to the steps described in 11.2

If possible, mark the defective area on the item with tape, a label, or a safety pin.

At your own cost you can also return the item to the address below:

Kløvermarken 29
7190 Billund

13. Refund Policy

13.1 Method of Refund

- Original Payment Method: Refunds will be processed to the same means of payment used for the original transaction.
- Refund Amount: The refund will correspond to the total amount paid, as indicated in your order confirmation.

13.2 Defective Items
13.2.1 Refund Process for Defective Items

If it is determined that the product was defective at the time of purchase, a refund for the item will be issued.

13.2.2 Limitation of Liability

Our liability for defective items is limited to refunding the maximum amount equal to the purchase price of the item.

13.3 Shipping related Refund
13.3.1 Shipping Refund for Partial Return

- Non-Refundable Shipping Costs: If you choose to keep some items and only return part of your order, be aware that the shipping costs will not be refunded.

13.3.2. Shipping Refund for Complete Return

- Full Refund Including Shipping Costs: If you return the entire order, we will issue a full refund including the shipping costs.
- Exclusion of Additional Delivery Charges: Should you have chosen a delivery method more expensive than our standard offering, the refund will be limited to the cost of standard delivery.
- No Refund for Free Delivery: If the initial delivery was free of charge (0 €), no refund for delivery costs will be provided.

13.3.3 Shipping refund for Defective Items

- Full Refund Including Shipping Costs: Returning items with manufacturing defects incurs no charges. We will issue a full refund including the shipping costs paid at the time of purchase.

13.4 Refund Policy for Discounted and Promotional Items

The refund for any returned item is based on the price you paid, as indicated on your order confirmation.
- Discount Distribution: In case of promotions (e.g., '3 for the price of 2'), the discount is allocated across all items in the order.
- Proportional Refund: If you return part of an order that benefited from a promotion, the refund amount will be adjusted to reflect the discount proportionally allocated to the returned item(s).

14. Legal Framework and Dispute Resolution

14.1 Applicability of Danish Law

- Governing Law: These Terms & Conditions are governed by Danish Law. In cases of defects in purchased items, the liability for nonconformity is determined according to the Danish Sales of Goods Act (“Købeloven”).

14.2 Jurisdiction

- Settlement of Disputes: Any controversies, disputes, or claims arising from these Terms & Conditions will be resolved under the jurisdiction of the Danish courts.

14.3 Alternative Dispute Resolution

If you encounter issues with an item purchased from our Shop and are unable to resolve the matter with Zizzi, you have the right to seek alternative dispute resolution:

- EU Commission's Online Dispute Resolution Platform:

  • - This platform facilitates out-of-court settlements for complaints regarding online purchases within the EU.
  • - Accessible at http://ec.europa.eu/odr, the service is free and available in all EU languages.
  • - When filing a complaint, please provide our email: help@zizzifashion.ie
14.4 Additional Resources

For further information on the complaint process, visit Forbrug.dk.
Overview of national Danish consumer bodies available at European Consumer Centre Network.

15. General Disclaimers and Policy Advisory

15.1 Correction of Errors and Adjustments

- Reserving Rights: We reserve the right to correct technical or typographical errors, adjust prices, and update stock availability on the Webshop without prior notice.
- Sold-Out Items and Stock Limitations: We cannot guarantee the availability of items and may experience delivery delays in cases of sold-out or limited stock.
- Discontinuation of Products: Zizzi reserves the right to discontinue any product at its discretion.

15.2 Color Representation

- Variation in Colors: The colors shown in the Shop may not precisely match the actual product colors, owing to variations in monitor and device settings. While we strive for accuracy, we cannot guarantee an exact color representation.

15.3 Content Updates

- Subject to Change: The content in the Shop, including references to Zizzi products and terms and conditions, may be updated or changed without prior notice.
- Accuracy and Access: We are not responsible for any inaccuracies or errors in the content. Access to specific product information is not guaranteed, especially as product details may evolve over time.

15.4 Pricing and Promotions

- Exclusivity: Discounts, codes, and promotions are exclusive to Zizzi and are not valid on partner websites.
- Changes to Promotions: Zizzi may modify promotions in the Shop at any time, without prior notice to customers.

15.5 Liability Limitation

- Limited Liability: Zizzi's liability for errors in reservations, orders, or provided information is limited. This includes, but is not limited to, typographical errors, price changes, and inaccuracies in product availability.
- Cap on Liability: Our liability is limited to the maximum amount corresponding to the price of the product purchased.

15.6 Third-Party Links and User Responsibility

- Presence of Third-Party Links: Our website may contain links to third-party websites. These links are provided solely for your convenience and to enhance your user experience.
- Disclaimer for Third-Party Content: We do not endorse, nor are we responsible for, the content, accuracy, or opinions expressed on these third-party websites.
- User's Responsibility: Accessing and using any third-party websites linked from our site is done at your own risk. We encourage our users to be aware when they leave our site and to read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of any other website that they visit.

15.7 User-Generated Content

To ensure a respectful and lawful online environment, all user-generated content (UGC), including but not limited to product reviews, questions, comments, or photos, must adhere to the following standards:

- UGC must not contain offensive language, obscenity, or defamatory remarks.

  • - UGC must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and not promote illegal activities.
  • - Personal attacks, harassment, and threats are strictly prohibited.
  • - Reviews on our website should be honest reflections of your experience with our products.
  • - All content must be the original work of the user and not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others.
  • - We may display your reviews on our product pages, in marketing materials, or internally for quality control and product improvement initiatives. By posting your review, you give Zizzi a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free license to use the content you have submitted across our platforms.

Zizzi reserves the right, though not the obligation, to review and remove UGC that we determine, in our sole discretion, violates these guidelines or any other portion of our Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to reject any review that is deemed non-compliant or inappropriate, or that includes promotional content, spam, or irrelevant material.

16. Privacy, Data Handling, and Cookie Policy

16.1 Engagement with Zizzi Webshop

- Data Processing and Collection: When you browse, purchase, or use the functionalities of the Zizzi Webshop, we responsibly process, collect, and sometimes share your data. This is to ensure a personalized shopping experience and to enhance our offerings.

16.2 Data Sharing and Feedback Collection

- Partner Collaboration: We may share your data with external partners for feedback collection to improve our services.
- Privacy Policy Details: For comprehensive information on how we handle your personal data, refer to our Privacy Policy. This can be found in the footer of our Webshop or accessed via this link. (LINK)

16.3 Cookie Use and Consent

- Employment of Cookies: Cookies are used on the Webshop to enhance and facilitate user experience.
- Consent for Cookies: Cookies, except those necessary for technical reasons, are used only with your explicit consent. For more on our Cookie Policy, visit the footer of our Webshop or follow this link. (LINK)

16.4 Policy Accessibility and Consent

- Information Accessibility: The latest information on our privacy practices, including amendments and consent withdrawal, is available in the footer of our Webshop or via this link. (LINK)
- Consent Acknowledgement: By using our Webshop, you acknowledge and consent to our Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of our General Terms and Conditions.

16.5 Updates to Policies

- Policy Revision: We reserve the right to revise our Privacy and Cookie Policies at any time without prior notice.

17. Intellectual Property Rights

17.1 Copyrighted Content

- Ownership: All content on Zizzi's Webshop, including texts, video, icons, graphic design elements, images, sounds, and information about Zizzi's products is protected under copyright laws and is the exclusive property of Zizzi Denmark ApS.
- Restrictions on Use: Unauthorized use, reproduction, modification, or replication of any content from the Webshop, whether in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. This includes any use beyond personal, non-commercial purposes.
- Required Permission: Explicit permission from Zizzi is required for any use that extends beyond personal, non-commercial purposes.

17.2 Trademarks

- Trademark Registration: The products available for purchase on the Webshop feature trademarks that are registered by Zizzi Denmark ApS.
- Usage Restrictions: These trademarks cannot be used for commercial purposes without the explicit authorization from Zizzi.

17.3 Protection of Intellectual Property

- Brand Integrity: This policy is in place to protect the intellectual property associated with Zizzi and to maintain the brand's integrity and exclusivity.
- Contact for Permissions: For commercial inquiries or to obtain permissions for the use of Zizzi's copyrighted content or trademarks, direct contact must be made with Zizzi Denmark ApS.

Appendix: Standard withdrawal form

(this form is to be filled out and returned only if the right of withdrawal applies)

- Dear [insert contractor’s name, physical address and, if applicable, the fax number and email address of the contractor]:

- I/we (*) hereby give notice that I/we (*) wish to exercise the right of withdrawal in relation to my/our (*) purchase agreement for the following goods (*)/provision of the following services (*)

- Ordered on (*)/received on (*)

- Customer’s name (Consumers’ names)

- Customer’s address (Consumers’ address)

- Customer’s signature (Consumers’ signatures) (only if the content of the form is notified on paper)

- Date

(*) Please as appropriate

Please note that you are currently viewing version 1 of Zizzi’s Terms & Conditions, effective as of 04-15, 2024.