Wash guide

Wash guide

To prevent your clothes from being damaged during washing, we recommend always following the washing instructions on the clothing label. To clarify the meaning of the symbols, here is an explanation of each one of them. If you have purchased clothes from Zizzi and see any washing symbols that are not described here, please feel free to contact us.

Natural materials

If you have clothes made from natural materials such as silk or wool, you need to be aware that it’s recommended to use detergents that are intended for these types of materials.


For natural materials, also be aware that these cannot be dyed in the same way and as effectively as synthetic materials. There can therefore be a natural loss in the intensity of the colours after use and washing. The colour loss will occur in a gradual process - following the use of the clothes and in relation to how often the clothes are washed. In other words, you will not experience a sudden, sharp loss of colour.

Viscose should be treated as a natural material.

Beads, sequins, embroidery etc.

If the clothes can be washed in a washing machine, we recommend using a washing bag. This will protect the clothes and the details they have. Be aware that these details are often handmade and therefore delicate.

Drying quilted clothing and down

After washing down and quilted clothes, it is important to dry the clothes with 2-3 tennis balls in a tumble dryer on low heat. The tennis balls ensure that the filling is evenly distributed during drying and does not clump together. However, it is important to note that the tumble dryer should not be so full that the tennis balls have no room to bounce around.