Share your compliment

- Be kind. Be you.

You're probably familiar with the feeling of receiving a compliment. Maybe you feel a bit embarrassed, shrug your shoulders up to your ears, or turn your face slightly away from the giver. Maybe you automatically send back a few kind words to reciprocate the sweet gesture. Regardless, it's nice to receive a compliment, both the surface-level ones and the ones that go a bit deeper.

During this period, we're focusing on passing on the kind words - to ourselves and to others. See below for 5 women's compliments to themselves and each other. Perhaps you'll even find inspiration to give a compliment yourself? For example, you can take a look at yourself in the mirror and say something positive about what you see. It may feel distant at first, but if you persist, it will generate plenty of good energy. Maybe you'll give a compliment to someone close to you and let them know what they mean to you. Perhaps you'll be brave enough to say something nice to a stranger on the street.

Compliments warm the heart - much longer than it takes for them to leave the lips. Share your compliment with a lucky recipient and with us on Instagram.